General Procurement





Purcom can undertake all indirect Procurement activities from Marketing Services; HR; Travel; Facilities; IT and Telecoms and Professional Services in both public and private industry sectors.

At Purcom we have developed a Strategic Spend Management (SSM) approach to the way we work. This ensures that the right product or service is procured and guarantees our clients get maximum value from their spend.

We know that changing suppliers can be painful and expensive, so our main aim is to ensure that the right suppliers are selected, and in addition using this technique we ensure that there is a robust mutually beneficial relationship established between the business and supplier, to drive supplier continuity and value.

Some of our clients decide to Outsource the entire end to end SSM process to Purcom, whilst other clients simply wish to benefit from our expertise in specific areas. Purcom is happy to be engaged on either basis and become part of “Your Procurement Department


Gathering Insights is a critical phase in determining the outcomes of the project or category of spend. Purcom utilises proven procurement techniques to gather the insights needed to be able to make informed decisions. These include so of the below:

  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Internal & External stakeholder engagement and fact finding
  • Supplier Mapping & Supplier Perspective Analysis
  • Spend & Return on Investment Analysis
  • Total Cost of Ownership analysis
  • Legal and Quality requirements

Built Environment

We can assist in all types of contract management and negotiations, with a focus on ensuring our clients remain compliant with applicable law and quality requirements.

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We can design and source appropriate Patient Support Programmes across all categories of spend for Pharmaceutical companies, Health Providers and the NHS.

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